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Don’t take it from us

The translation to visuals

‘Maurits and Sera have converted several subjects from the course Financing and Securities to appealing animated videos in a short time fame. I did not have to spend a lot of time on this project. It is a great benefit that the team of Fornier Legal Design consists of lawyers that know the curriculum and are able to translate that to imagery.’

Michael Broeders
senior lecturere at the LFS – course Financing and Securities

Complex matter understandable

‘Thanks to legal design we make complex matter comprehensible. They show again and again that a contract does not have to be boring. By moving away from the current practices, legal agreements become more understandable. That is the ultimate goal: understanding each other and writing that down as simple as possible.’

Hans Maltha
Burst Digital

Visual plea

‘Together with the team of Fornier Legal Design we have visualised our whole plea. This provided insight in the otherwise complex matter. Our American client was impressed.’

Gerben Smit
partner bij Stek

User-centric contracts

“Fornier uses visuals to support and strengthen the legal narrative of a case and help draft user-centric contracts that allow for a better understanding of the core legal issues”

Matt Roberts

A joy to work with

“The team of Fornier Legal Design has been of tremendous help to us in the preparation for a court hearing. We needed to guide the court through very complicated calculations. The designs of Maurits, Sera and Remy were very helpful to tell our story in the clearest possible way – and also as a means to keep ourselves and our clients sharp about the exact steps of the calculations.

Above all, Maurits and his team were a joy to work with. They were very responsive, open in their communication, flexible and delivered all products timely. We appreciated that they often offered to pop over for a meeting to discuss the progress of and changes to the product.

What makes Fornier Legal Design stand out is that they know the pressure and unpredictability of the legal practice and adapt their own schedule to accommodate our timetable.”

Charlotte Spierings
lawyer at Clifford Chance

Visuals make a difference

‘I always notice how visuals make a difference during litigation. The judges are often really enthusiastic if they are presented with a visual overview of a complex case. They often use these visuals as starting point during court hearing to ask questions and to arrange arguments.’

Roelien van den Berg
partner at SSHJ Advocaten

The future

‘This is what clients will want in the future.’

Gouden Zandloper judges 2019

Some of our clients

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