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Employee Participation

The Unicorn Junior Club

Entrepreneurs know the importance of engaging and retaining talent. But that’s not easy. Top talents are not easily satisfied with just a monthly paycheck. We help our customers set up employee participation schemes so that employees feel involved and share in the company’s success. Our clients are innovative companies, often in the scale-up phase. They are looking for employees who feel co-entrepreneurs. One of the ways to ensure employee participation is giving out certificates of Stock Appreciation Rights .

The Project

In most cases, a complex document is used to record the arrangement. This document explains when the employee is eligible for an extra reward, and the conditions attached to it.

We thought we could be better. We have created a set of infographics explaining step by step how the employee participation program works. The corresponding agreements are easy to complete by employer and employee.

Not unimportant: The employee experiences the extra reward in this way as a present, instead of again a complicated technical document to be read.

Project Team

Drafting & Infographics Sera Visser
Design Maurits Fornier

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