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Deep Dive

The Law Firm School

The Project

The LFS provides legal education for the Dutch top law firms. The LFS uses an e-learning platform. Through this platform participants can find course materials and make assignments. For the course property law, the LFS asked us to come up with innovative ideas for their E-learning platform.

We identified how the subject of the exam materials could be translated into animations. Subsequently we divided the materials into different types of securities and redress.

We have designed a supporting visual language. This is a modular system of building blocks that can be adapted according to the legal subject matter.

We have animated this visual language. The two video’s are viewed by the LFS participants on the private video channel of the LFS in preparation for the exam.

Project Team


Law Firm School (LFS) is a partnership of 16 internationally oriented offices for the training of all their trainee lawyers. Their first-year trainee lawyers delve into legal subjects pertaining to the specific practice of these firms.

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